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  • Kids Choir This exciting and innovative project has been informally running for the past 3 years and is a fusion of children from various ethnic communities which make up the social fabric of Scotland. This choir has already enabled its participants to improve their confidence and build social skills which are important and vital. It has also allowed the children to create friendships as well as learn about other cultures and ways of life by interacting with different people in this group.
  • English Classes In order to help prepare the Syrian refugees for integrating into the local community we are currently working on setting up English language classes. These will run as year long courses and taught by qualified teachers on a voluntary basis.
  • Multicultural Cuisine Classes Wipe the Tears is keen to tap into the skills of local Syrian refugees therefore we'd love to provide them with the opportunity to educate cooking enthusiasts about their national cuisine whilst also learning about Scottish and European cooking.
  • Summer Tours As an ongoing part of integration plan we aim to offer refugees the opportunity to take a tour with Wipe the Tears and other refugees of their new home – Scotland. Trips may be planned for hiking, hill walking, camping and exploring the different areas and parts of Scotland as we believe this would hold multiple benefits for the refugees -social, physical and mental.
  • Cultural Awareness Workshops Cultural awareness classes will be a fun, interactive way of helping Syrian refugees to learn about Scottish culture and way of life in a friendly and welcoming manner. We recognise the difficulty in adjusting to a new culture and country particularly when there are cultural norms which can be alien to newcomers. Therefore we plan that these workshops will help alleviate some of these issues which may be faced – for example, Scottish humour, meeting and greeting people, etc.

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