16 Jan


The situation in Syria has been labelled the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, as well as the world’s largest displacement crisis globally by UN bodies. A devastating 54.3% of the Syrian population live in extreme poverty.
OurVision1_1At Wipe The Tears, we strive to give children a better and brighter future by providing them with the essentials and basics of life. With your help and the firm belief that every child deserves a chance at life, we will see them rise and reach their full potential once again.

Wipe the Tears works to develop children physically, mentally and socially. We will promote the advancement of mental health and human rights by teaching basic survival skills such as cooking, playing football, for example. To meet our aims we will arrange educational workshops tailored to the environment. This will include approaching  issues such as rape, misuse of refugees for drug trafficking and organ trading.

Wipe the Tears aims and objectives focus on two crucial developmental factors – physical and mental well-being. Thus, we will nurture the physical well-being of children in crisis along with alleviating mental suffering by organising a team of psychologists to aid kids with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) via counselling sessions. In an environment where death is a constant reality, we teach children how to live once again.

At Wipe The Tears, we help primarily, but not limited to, Syrian displaced children regardless of race, religion, sex or political affiliations.